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Our shop is a state of the art facility combining today’s modern technology with the hands-on craftsmanship of true artisans. The finest raw materials are transformed through our processing and “specials” departments before they move on to assembly and finishing. We make all of our doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes and the majority of our accessories in-house. All the parts come together and culminate in a truly hand-crafted custom cabinet project. We pride ourselves on our green building standards and the shop is a great example of this. We recycle unused wood and our sawdust for a variety of purposes assuring that as little as possible goes to waste.

We have a straightforward process at the Artisan Shop for bringing your cabinet dreams from ideas to reality.

Step One – Make an Appointment

While our showrooms are open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm, we recommend you make an appointment so we will have one of our designers available to assist you. To get started fill out our contact form.

Step Two – Measure Your Space

Before your appointment please take some measurements of the area you are building or remodeling. Take into account things like windows, doors, sink locations, electrical outlets, etc. Rough drawings are also really helpful. Bring all of this to your appointment. If it is a new construction project, bring the drawings from your builder or architect. They will have all the information we need to get your design started.

Step Three – Come to Your Appointment Prepared with the Necessary Information

Bring in your drawings, room measurements (including windows and pass-thru areas) and any appliance specifications you have. Your designer will then walk you through the many different styles of box construction, drawers, doors, wood, laminate, and acrylic options. Let your designer know what you like and what your budget is, as well as your best educated guess on when you will be needing your new custom Artisan cabinets. We deliver and install your cabinets too.

Step 4 – Your Bid

Unlike other companies, we offer far more than standard options. Everything is custom built to order for you based on your preferences. Your designer will sit down with your drawings and their notes from your appointment and make some preliminary drawings. From these they will develop your custom design and quote.

Step 5 – Deposit

Once you are satisfied with your bid, we will draft your contract and take your deposit. This guarantees you a spot on our production schedule. Your final balance will be due when your custom cabinets are complete. Your install and countertops will be invoiced separately.

Step 6 – Final Selection

On your second appointment your designer will show you CAD plans, elevations, and 3D renderings of your new custom cabinets. In this appointment you will make final choices in any of the selections you have made. You will have the opportunity to add, subtract or change any of these items in your project.

Step 7 – Final Measure

Your designer and another skilled member of our team will go to your location to professionally measure the spaces indicated in your cabinet design. This ensures accuracy in our design and helps to eliminate problems during installation.

Step 8 – Final Approval

It is rare, but when it happens, any major discrepancies between your initial drawings and the final measure will be addressed. We will also give you a final price based on any changes that have occurred since your initial bid. This is the last step before we start the engineering process for your cabinet project.

Step 9 – Engineering

Our expert team of engineers will take the drawings, selections and measurements you and your designer have finalized and transform them into CAD drawings and cut lists for the manufacturing team to work from.

Step 10 – Manufacturing

Our skilled team of artisans will take the plans from the engineering department and begin to craft your project by hand using the strictest of tolerances. Your project will transform from raw materials to finished cabinets in a process spanning about two weeks. If you are interested in seeing your cabinets as they are being built, speak with your designer and they can arrange a shop tour for you during the production process.

Step 11 – Quality Control

All of our artisans are responsible for quality control, but our lead quality controller will personally go over a 25 step checklist to make sure your project meets our standards and expectations.

Step 12 – Delivery and Installation

During the production process, we will contact you regarding a delivery date and time. Our installers are highly skilled and versed in the design and integrity of what encompasses our product. We know you will love your Artisan Shop cabinets for years to come, and would love to hear about your experience. Please feel free to leave us a review on Google or Houzz!